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Have it all Step 1 – The Life Planner Binder

Posted on: April 18, 2015

Ok so we all know the most important part of any plan is the plan itself, and if you want to have it all in life, that means having your cake and eating it too, then you need a good plan to start. So after years of working and working and feeling like there was no end to to the vicious cycle I finally created a life planner, and to my surprise not only has it made me happier and more efficient it is a lot of fun too.  I have to shout out to Alaina Leary for the inspiration I took one look at this confetti vellum page marker and was totally inspired. Check out her work and the tutorial at this link

Ok so with no further ado here are some pics of my planner

Isn’t it so cute! It is actually an American girl doll binder I got on clearance for about $3 at the craft store. It came with a couple pretty patterned divider pages and 2 clear sleeves.  

This is a little in case of emergency note.

Here is an awesome pen slash tool holder I made with some elastic cord, cardboard, fabric scraps, and a glue gun. I am making 2 more for my niece and nephew shortly so I will post a tutorial and link here soon!

This shows the back of the pen holder, and an awesome multi-pocket divider, organizer for keeping all my stickers, scrap paper, and such. It was pretty easy to make using stickers, glue, old folders, and cardstock. Check back for instructions!

the back of the multipocket divider. I love the long pockets and the space to keep my mini sticky notepad. The blue patterned divider came with the binder. So cute!

Here is a look at my daily to do list. It is crazy, but I like to keep a spot for positive and not so positive outcomes. I a working with highlighters and started using number stickers trying to figure out all the random things I have to do everyday. I list work projects, some home stuff, happy stuff, and any other obligations or important things.

Here is what it looks like empty. I will be posting a downloadable link shortly if anyone is interested in printing it out. It could be prettier, but I would rather color on my pages than use the colored ink.

Ok so one of my biggest challenges is organizing, decluttering, and maintaining my house. It is crazy, crazier than possibly imagine. I mean I am not fit for a hoarding reality tv show, but a couple more years of living this way and I just might be. So this is my basic daily, weekly, monthly house cleaning list. You can find the original printable version of the daily cleaning planner page from Shemakesahome at this link; I switched it up to suit me, but that is the fun part. Love it!

I made this up real quick in photoshop. It is a fun meal planner so I can try to eat better and more creatively. Or at least be aware of when I am eating too much junk =)

A simple cardboard divider. I plan on filling it with quotes. 

My basic shopping list for my business. One of my main time saving goals lately is trying to go shopping as little as possible and always being aware of what I need has saved me trips and time. I also have a bill list to make sure I am keeping that on track here. 

This is a fun page where I set monthly goals, happy thoughts, things I want to try, and random monthly goals.  

Blank goals page

I make arts and crafts, costuming pieces, jewelry, and assorted pretty things so I am constantly updating my order lists. This is my basic work order list where I breakdown all the different orders I have to make and organize them by type of item and date. I also keep a little section for rush orders. It is so handy to have this all the time, and I use labels to add more orders if I don’t feel like using a new page. Super handy! 

This is a fun little page for any ideas or inspirations. 

Here are those clear sleeves with a handy quick reference calendar and an awesome drawing from my nephew. 

I love my planner/binder. Still not 100% sure what to call it, but awesomeness. I will update with links to tutorials and printable pages for everything you see here shortly. Feel free to ask any questions, comment, or link to pics of your planner. I am off to cross “blog about planner” off my to do list!

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