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Remedies for Poison Ivy You Can Find in Your Kitchen
This article list many different remedies for battling poison ivy. All of these ingredients are common household goods and help heal the rash quickly.
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I mentioned earlier about flea beetles messing with my potato plants. Here is an article I wrote about natural ways to control flea beetles. All the methods are effective, but the garlic and onion recipe worked  the best for me.

Natural Methods for Controlling Flea Beetles in Your Garden

There are many natural methods for controlling flea beetles in your garden.
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Ok so I found a bunch of tiny white dots on my potato plants, and after some researched I realised there were flea beetles digesting parts of my plants. Gross right? So I made a garlic, onion, hot pepper sauce concoction and tried that. It doesn’t seem like they have gotten worse, but I will update in a few days. Flea beetles suck and will destroy many plants! Evil little buggers.

Natural Methods of Keeping Groundhogs Out of Your Garden
Groundhogs love to steal, eat and trample your plants, but there are natural methods of keeping groundhogs out of your garden.
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Ok so it is about 8 in the morning, and I have to figure out what I am going to do today. I am a little confused and I kind of just want to watch X-files, but there is a lot to do. So I am going to make a list here and come back later and check off what gets done.  This will be my goal meter for June 21- 27.  I am already a little behind because today is the 22nd but hey what can you do? I am human. I will divide the stuff to do in sections to make it easier to distribute.


Clean fridge and kitchen

Do laundry from bedroom *halfway done 6/22


pull radishes *done 6/22

collect mulberries and peas good!

weed and put down paper 6/23 done

plant more radishes, peas, beets, onions, carrots


write paper for tuesday *done

Answer discussion questions weds *done  and friday

Value of Diversity in the Workplace Paper

diveristy action plan draft

due 6/28

due 6/28


write 10 articles a day for 5 days

*weds wrote total of 30

Burn 2 digeridoos done

update Bukisa and Helium

update 5 things on redgage* done and examiner *2/5 listed 6/22

Ship ebay items done

List 10 items  * 5 listed 6/22

Art for a Home

list 5 items on all sites I have signed up for

Create page to track goals on blog

Sustainable Living

Pickle radishes

preserve mulberries

My dad got me two apple trees this spring, and they were growing great until recently. They started getting little golden orange-yellow spots.

After some research I found out it was cedar apple rust. I have no idea where there are cedar trees near my house, but there definitely are somewhere.

So I started looking up natural treatments.

I read in several places that baking soda, dish washing liquid, and oil are a good mixture to spray on plants so I tried it. This worked for a week and the apple trees were growing well.

I pulled off all of the cedar apple rust infected leaves before spraying and the trees were looking healthy.

For about a week.

Now the leaves are starting to turn brown and fall off. My poor apple trees. Cedar apple rust is my new enemy, and I am determined to figure out how to get rid of it.

I read that garlic can be blended and mixed with water as a spray, but you have to remove the pieces of garlic before it clogs your spray bottle. So I am going to try this on the cedar apple rust this weekend.

I will keep you all updated on the results because it seems that this is a common ailment with not many common solutions.

If there is a natural treatment for cedar apple rust I will find it and let you know about it!

Green Garden Crafts: Stepping Stones
You can use broken dishes and pottery, leaves, and bottles to make stepping stones, and these green garden crafts is inexpensive and uses recycled items.
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How to Create a Flower Garden Layout
Creating a flower garden layout will allow you to maximize your garden space, create depth, and add style to your garden. These simple steps will help you learn how to create a flower garden layout.
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About Art for a Home and Sustainable Living

Okay, I am an artist. First and foremost I am an artist. I see art in everything, and I think in visuals. I have been making arts and crafts for years, and I have sold a lot of my arts and crafts on ebay and etsy, but lately I have been writing more than anything because I need to make money. But, I think I am finally going to be able to work on my art again, and I am thinking about putting towards a goal in my life. I have dreamed of owning an earthship for years. This self sustaining home is an amazing work of art that would make my living energy efficient and in tune with nature. So, I have decided to sell my art again and put all of the money towards my earthship home. Hence, the title. So I will be posting all of my art here, ans several other sites, and I will post links to my site. I am going to sell my recycled art for my dream home, and this might be the only way that my dream can come true. So if you like art and the earth check out my site and my art. Thanks for listening to my rambles, and I hope to hear from anyone with feedback, comments, and other ideas or inspirations. Let inspiration always move you brightly


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